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Kelvinator Service Centre

You can Reach us,If you are Facing Any Type of Problem in Your Kelvinator Refrigerator.There are So Many Common Problems Happen With Your Refrigerator like-

What's Your Refrigerator's Problem?
  • "Freezer compartment is not cold enough."
  • "The freezer is okay but the fresh food area of the refrigerator is warming up."
  • "The freezer AND fresh food areas
  • are not as cold as they should be."
  • "There's a lot of frost in the freezer
  • or moisture in the fresh food area."
  • "I'm getting a large amount of frost in my ice dispenser shoot".
  • "There is a sheet of ice on the floor of my freezer compartment".
  • "I have water under my crispers or dripping
  • into the refrigerator's fresh food compartment."
  • "Water is leaking onto my floor."
  • "There is a noise in my freezer."
  • "There is a noise coming from behind my refrigerator."

If you are Facing These type of Common Problem or Any Other Problem In Your Refrigerator than We are One of the Leading Refrigerator service centre in Jaipur.

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